Professors Asta and Chrzan in New Leadership Roles


by Daisy Hernandez

January 1, 2018

Professor Asta ended his term as Department Chair of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) on January 1, and has assumed the role of Materials Sciences Division Director at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Professor Asta’s leadership has been invaluable to MSE, and MSE thanks him for his service.  Though Prof. Asta will be missed as Chair, we look forward to his service at LBNL within the Materials Sciences Division. More information about his new leadership role can be found here. (Of course Prof. Asta remains a valued member of the faculty of MSE.)
Professor Chrzan has assumed the role of Interim Department Chair for MSE.  He brings to this leadership position considerable experience derived from his roles as Vice Professor for Academic Affairs in MSE and Chair of the Applied Science & Technology graduate group.   MSE welcomes Chair Chrzan to this new role.

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