Xioranny Linares (Xio, pronounced “See-O”) is the Quantum Computing R&D Program Manager, as well as the UC Berkeley Recruiting Manager. She joined Keysight in 2015 as a R&D Process Engineer, where she created and implemented the Off-line Programming software to speed and increase NPI production. She later joined the Keysight Quality team and helped identify and improve attenuator failure rates.

Xio is a recent PhD graduate from University of California - Berkeley’s Materials Science and Engineering Department. She worked with Prof. J.W. Morris on researching electromigration in lead-free solder joints. She received a double B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2009. Xio has held positions in Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Applied Materials, among others, working with mechanical devices, nano-fabrication methods, batteries and MEMS. She enjoys identifying problems and building solutions. She is originally from Venezuela and loves good food.