Tutoring is available from a number of sources.  It is important to seek academic assistance early if you feel that you need it.  Some resources:

Center for Access to Engineering Excellence– a hub for student engagement and academic success. Throughout the school year, they offer drop-in tutoring for core engineering coursework, review sessions, study groups and skill-building workshops.

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) provide academic services to fellow undergraduates.

Student Learning Center – Tutoring in lower division math, science, composition, and social science. Also provides study skills workshops.

Residence Hall Academic Services - An Academic Services Center is available in each unit. These services and resources include academic advising, tutoring, faculty-interaction programs, study-space, residential theme programs, and technology services.

Charles Tunstall Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) –  Tutoring, and workshops in math and science for MEP students.

Additional services may be available through Engineering Student Services.


University Health Services offers a number of resources to help you get well and stay healthy, including healthy eating tips, drug and alcohol counseling, violence prevention, sexual health counseling and  and general health coaching.

The Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) is committed to ensuring that all students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at UC Berkeley. They offer a wide range of services for students with disabilities. These services are individually designed, and based on the specific needs of each student as identified by their Disability Specialists.

Are you stressed out?
The Tang Center offers many resources, including free counseling for students, faculty and staff, and help dealing with your stress through UC Berkeley’s Be Well To Do Well program.

Additional Resources:

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Peer Support Providers (PSPs)
Recreational Sports
Cal Adventures


The department has numerous individuals you can connect with if you need help or support. Some important individuals are:

    • Department Administration
      • Overall Department Matters - Chair - Prof. Lane Martin
      • Overall Undergraduate Matters - Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies and Chair of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee - Prof. Mary Scott
      • Undergraduate Student Services Advisor-Medina Kohzad
      • Overall Department Administrative Matters - Department Manager - Catalina Estrada
    • Department Equity Advisors - Profs. Mary Scott and Jie Yao - An additional resource for questions related to equity in the department.
  • Student Relations Committee - Profs. Ting Xu, Oscar Dubon, Kristin Persson, and Xiayou Zheng - This committee is tasked with maintaining strong relationships with our current students and serving as advocates for student matters or issues.
  • Faculty Academic Advisors
    • Prof. Thomas Devine - Mechanical Properties/ ME and NE joint majors
    • Prof. Kevin Healy - Soft and Biomaterials/ BioE joint majors
    • Prof. Junqiao Wu - Electronic Materials / EECS joint majors
    • Prof. Ting Xu - Materials Chemistry /Chem E joint majors



To enroll in research units with MSE faculty for a letter grade, fill out the H194 Honors Undergraduate Research Form and Petition. For further information on how to enroll in research units with an MSE faculty, please contact Medina Kohzad (medinakohzad@berkeley.edu) in 210 HMMB.

To enroll in MSE 199 Supervised Independent Study with MSE faculty on a P/NP basis, fill out the MSE 199 Supervised Independent Study Form. For further information on how to enroll in 199 units with an MSE faculty, please contact Medina Kohzad (medinakohzad@berkeley.edu) in 210 HMMB.


Materials Science and Engineering Association
Undergraduate student group for Materials Science and Engineering. The group holds monthly meetings and special events each semester. Stop by their office in 312 Hearst Memorial Mining Building, or contact MSEA at mseaatcal@gmail.com

Materials Research Society
Graduate/undergraduate student group which is affiliated with the Materials Research Society.

Engineering Student Council

Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society

For more student societies, see the College of Engineering and the Office of Student Life.

Contact Us

Department offices are located in 210 Hearst Memorial Mining Building, in the Northeast corner of campus.


Department of Materials Science and Engineering
210 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-1760

Phone: (510) 642-3801
Fax: (510) 643-5792