MSE 2022-2023 Awards


Each year the MSE department selects recipients for our various undergraduate and graduate awards many based on nominations gathered from MSE students, faculty and staff.


Corrosion Award

Mackinzie Farnell
Bella Crouch
Benjamin Lam


Departmental Citation Award

Ayush Gupta


Elaine Shen Award

Aishwarya Jayadeep
Ayush Gupta
Daniel Hawthorne


Jing Gui Award

Shu Wang
Tarun Allaparti
Haowen Hu
Peichen Zhong
Yu-Jen Chiu


Kavli Thesis Prize

Emma Vargo


Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Student Equity and Inclusion Fund (formerly known as the Birgeneau Award)

Enze Chen
Mark Ma


Outstanding GSI Award

David Cook
Zehao He


Ross Tucker

This award alternates every year between MSE and EECS. EECS will choose a recipient for 2021-2022.


Jane Lewis Fellowship