Faculty Advising

Undergraduate students are encouraged to discuss their progress through the program with a faculty advisor. To ensure that all students meet at least once per academic year, freshman and seniors should meet with their faculty advisor during the fall semester, sophomores and juniors during the spring semester.

Academic advising is available from four official departmental advisors listed here, along with their areas of academic advice specialization (though each is available to all the students):

Professor Thomas Devine : Mechanical Properties/ ME and NE joint majors

Professor Kevin Healy : Soft and Biomaterials/ BioE joint majors

Professor Junqiao Wu : Electronic Materials / EECS joint majors

Professor Ting Xu : Materials Chemistry /Chem E joint majors

* Faculty advisors are only available to discuss students' programs and their progress, they do not handle petitions. Petitions can only be approved/denied by the Chief Undergraduate Advisor.

These professors have each set aside hours in the semester for walk-in advising meetings. In addition, these professors will set aside time during the two weeks before the start of registration to enable additional walk-in advice. Of course, each of these professors can be contacted during their normal office hours, and by appointment for advice at other times during the semester.


Major Advising

For assistance with planning courses please visit your ESS advisor in 230 Bechtel.

Your ESS advisor is here to assist you with ESS advisers are available to help with everything related to your undergraduate education. They answer questions about degree and graduation requirements as well as academic policies and procedures. They assist with course selection and help address challenges you may be facing in your studies. They can suggest enrichment opportunities or make referrals to campus resources. They’re here to offer guidance and support.


Department Advising

The MSE department advisor is here to assist you with course equivalencies, exceptions, enrollments. If you are submitting an MSE minor petition or confirmation form, the department advisor will guide you through the process.


Career Advising

For assistance with planning, careers and internships make an appointment with your career advisor.


Career advisors are ready to assist you with your career path. Make an appointment with your career advisor to begin exploring your career path. Before you meet with your advisor make sure you create a handshake account to help you through the process.


MSE Major Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map (PDF)


Contact Us

Department offices are located in 210 Hearst Memorial Mining Building, in the Northeast corner of campus.


Department of Materials Science and Engineering
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