Why did you choose to study MSE? 

I was drawn to the field of MSE because of its interdisciplinary nature and broad areas of impact. I was first exposed to materials sciences and engineering through research experiences. As a Chemical Engineering undergraduate, I had the opportunity to do research that involved engineering materials for targeted drug delivery and energy applications. After completing my undergraduate degree, I worked for two years at the Advanced Light Source synchrotron in an X-Ray beamline dedicated to the characterization of materials. These experiences helped me discover my passion for research and a desire to contribute to solving challenges in healthcare from a materials perspective.


What are you doing now?

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley and I am preparing to transition to an industry position in the field of molecular diagnostics.


What is your most memorable moment you have from MSE at UCB? 

One of the moments I cherish most is the commencement ceremony, not just for the completion of my degree but for the realization of what it represents. This moment caused me to reflect on how being part of MSE at UC Berkeley has impacted both my scientific and personal growth. More than a celebration of my graduate career, it was a celebration of the mentors, colleagues, friends, and family who helped me to complete this journey. Being able to share that moment with them is something I will never forget.