Ilan Gur

MSE Alumnus Ilan Gur Leading UK Science Innovation Agency

As of August 2022, MSE alumnus (B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.) Dr. Ilan Gur has become the founding Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the newly established UK Advanced Research and Invention Agency (ARIA). With nearly a billion dollars in initial funding, ARIA is designed to play a similar role to that of DARPA in the U.S. - funding high-risk, high-reward research. Dr. Gur moved to ARIA from his role as founder and CEO of Activate Global Inc., an organization that partners with U.S.-based funders and research institutions to support more than 140 entrepreneurial fellows and catalyze more than 100 science-based startups that have collectively raised nearly $1 billion and created over 700 jobs. Congratulations to Dr. Gur on his success and best to him at ARIA.