Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
Director of the Molecular Foundry,
Director of the Materials Project, and
Faculty Staff Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


384 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
Berkeley, CA 94720-1760

Phone: (510) 486-7218
Research Website:


Kristin Persson uses atomistic and first-principles computational methods coupled with high-performance computing technology and machine learning to advance materials for clean energy production and storage. She is the Director of the Materials Project ( which is a multi-national effort to compute the properties of all inorganic materials and provide the data and associated analysis algorithms free of charge. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to drastically reduce the time needed to invent new materials to serve societal needs, in particular advancing clean energy solutions. Within the Persson group, we leverage the software and data infrastructure of the Materials Project together with our expertise in materials informatics to study the physics and chemistry of materials particularly for energy production and storage applications. Current focus areas include design of novel photocatalysts, multi-valent battery electrode materials, Li-ion battery electrode materials, polar materials and liquid electrolytes for Li energy storage solutions and beyond.